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 ECO Ranch - Texas Style

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PostSubject: ECO Ranch - Texas Style   Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:28 pm

Hello Everyone,

Recently the "Off Grid Power & Living Forum" has a new member join us. His name is Robert Earl, and he is truly a perfect fit for our forum !

Robert is extremely occupied putting things together at his Eco-Ranch, so I will be your humble narrator to get you connected with his outstanding achievements, as well as connect you with a few samples of his Off Grid living and power !

Here is Roberts introduction video...

Here is how Robert Pay's the Water Bill !!! I am jealous because I have to desalinate mine ! Great Video Robert !

You can continue to follow Robert on his YouTube Channel ECO-RANCH

You may also connect with his website at ECO-RANCH.US

Great work Robert ! We are excited to continue the same journey, and look forward to learning from each other !

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ECO Ranch - Texas Style
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