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 Hong Kong Alan

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PostSubject: Hong Kong Alan   Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:11 am


My name is Alan, and I am originally from Ontario Canada.

I came to China in 1992 for a career adventure, that has since turned into the place I now call home.

In 1994 I purchased a Taiwan made boat that was at a marina. I then began to purchase solar panels, and wind turbines to allow all the electrical comforts of a standard home while out in the South China Sea all weekend long. This is where I began my journey to live off the grid. In 1998 I was completely off the grid, even though I was in the marina. I have satellite TV, telephone, and internet. I make more power then I use with Solar and wind. I desalinate the sea water for drinking, cooking, and washing. I catch the fish I eat, I harvest Sea Weed 3 times a year. I have a small garden on one of the outlying islands where I grow fruits and vegetables. I do however go to markets to buy beef, chicken, and port, as wall as other items like toilet paper and other personal hygiene items.

I have always worked on the land, and have had a prosperous career. I have since taken early retirement and now promote "Off The Grid" living on boats and yachts in Hong Kong.

Being so close to all the China factories, I have taken advantage of this to experiment and invent better ways for CFC Free DC Air Conditioning, and explore the Free Energy concepts of Tesla, Bedini, and others.

I belong to several forums, but recently thought I would start my own forum that was focused on the "Power" side of living Off the Grid that gives me the most interest !

I hope to meet more here with the same interests of using technology for as happy life off the grid !

Talk to you soon !

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Hong Kong Alan
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