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 Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom II pole set up

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PostSubject: Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom II pole set up   Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:17 pm

Hello everyone. Today I went to my local plumbing supply house to pick up the schedule 40 galvanize pipe to set up for my Freedom II 24volt dual PMA. the pole will be 20 feet tall with a T at the bottom for the power cables to come out and then run in pvc to the shed. I made up a section on the bottom using another T, some nipples, street 90 elbows and two sections of schedule 40 pipe two feet long that will be secured into the ground with concrete. with a union on either side of the center T I should be able to slightly loosen the unions on both side and raise and lower the pipe. the pole will be set up over by the VAWT support and secured to the right side 4x4 which reaches 12 feet in the air. I will still have wires set off in 4 directions attached to the pole about 16 feet up.

I will post a short video of the set up as I get this job done.
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Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom II pole set up
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